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EliteSecure KPPS ID is the latest solution to ensure security, identification and trust in the implementation of general elections. With an innovative design and high security technology, this product is specifically designed to meet the needs of members of the Voting Organizing Group (KPPS) in organizing elections.

Main feature:
High-Quality Materials: KPPS EliteSecure IDs are made from durable, high-quality materials, providing strength and durability for long-term use.

Ergonomic Design: The sleek and elegant ergonomic design provides maximum comfort for KPPS members during the performance of their duties. The compact design makes it easy to use and store.

High Security Technology: Equipped with high security technology, including holograms and other anti-counterfeiting elements, the KPPS EliteSecure ID provides an extra layer of protection against counterfeiting attempts.

Integrated Data: This ID has integration with a data management system that ensures the accuracy of information such as names, unique identification numbers and photos of KPPS members. This data can also be verified directly to increase voter confidence.

RFID Based ID: The option to embed an RFID chip in the ID provides more advanced identification capabilities and can be integrated with monitoring and attendance management systems.

Comfort and Security: A comfortable and safe strap ensures that the ID badge remains attached properly and does not interfere with the activities of KPPS members. The materials used are also skin friendly and comfortable to wear for a long time.

Environmentally Friendly: KPPS EliteSecure Identification Marks are produced with sustainability principles in mind and can be recycled after use.

Public Trust: The KPPS EliteSecure ID gives the public confidence that the election organizer is a legitimate and verified party.

Election Security: High security technology in IDs helps prevent counterfeiting attempts, thereby maintaining the integrity of election results.

Fast and Accurate Identification: Efficient design and good data integration ensure fast and accurate identification of KPPS members.

The KPPS EliteSecure ID is the best choice to ensure that every general election is fair, transparent and meets the highest standards in terms of security and integrity.
ID Card
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